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Why this blog exists

What my intentions are with this blog and what they are not. What I want the reader to get out of it, and why I wrote this post.

tldr: I want to communicate how I think to anyone who is interested.

My intentions behind the blog

  1. I want to communicate how I think to anyone who is interested. I want to be able to point to this blog and say “this is how I think”. A conversation could do the same thing but I feel like writing it down is better evidence and more concrete.
  2. I sometimes forget my reflections and get left with a nagging sensation. This only gets resolved after I work out my own thoughts again – writing out my thinking prevents this.
  3. Writing all this in public holds me to a standard – it forces me to crystallise my thoughts and avoid wasting your time.
  4. I get to practice writing and rewriting how i think. Which helps me think more clearly.
  5. My friends from back home call me frequently to get my take on things. I’d like to improve my conversations with them and give them some more concrete material to look at for future reference.

What I do not intend to do with this blog

  1. Persuade you – I have 0 interest in being persuasive in my writing. Do not believe or parrot anything I write, I have no idea what I am talking about.
  2. Pursue thought leadership – I have 0 interest in becoming a thought leader, I don’t want people to buy into my way of thinking, it always changes anyways.
  3. Pretend that I have valuable things to say – I don’t think anyone NEEDS to read what I’m writing nor do I believe I have valuable things other people would want to read.

What I want you to take away

How I think about things – this is my #1 goal with the blog. I want you to better understand my motivations, reflections, thought-processes, analyses, opinions, etc.

Why I wrote this post

I think understanding the intentions of the author is important when reading anything. I want to be clear about what I want to communicate and what I don't want to communicate. Had I not written this post, you might have inferred my intentions from my writing style. For instance, after reading a post you might think: "Is he trying to bait me?", "Is he trying to sell me?", "Is he trying to get me to stroke his ego?", "Does he think this is profound?". I want to avoid all that, my sole intention is to communicate how I think. Let that be the only thing which colors your perception of my writing.