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Why i built

Why I decided to build, who it's for, and what I hope it achieves.

tldr: A la YC, I solved my own problem


Hiring via your personal network is the best way to hire. You get vetted talent, and you get to work with people you like. If you are valuable,and the people you want to work with are valuable, this process will almost always yield better and better hires. But, it's also the channel with the least tooling and support. The standard YC advice is to follow some tactic along the lines of 1. make a list of everyone you know, 2. make them an honest offer, 3. ask them for top 5 smartest people / hardest workers and 4. ask those people for their recommendations, on and on. This is a great tactic, but it's also a lot of work.

Solution is a tool that makes this process easier. You recommend 5 people in your network that you think others should work with. That's it. You can help people in your network and you can get help from people in your network. It's a win-win.


The key insights here are super simple. 1. People want to help people in their network, especially undervalued talent. 2. You want to get help from people in your network, because it feels nicer than traditional hiring. 3. People who like you want to give a shot to people you trust.

Who is it for?

It is for people who want to help other people in their network, I think right now the best first customer is software engineers.

What i want to achieve

I want to help 1 person get the chance to work with people they know and like.