8-bit pixel art of a wizard with a tech-emitting wand in a futuristic city, merging magic with technology.

Why tech is magic

Why I feel tech is magic and how I think about making more magic.

tldr: Layers of abstraction make magic.

Magic exists and it's called technology.

Tech mirrors magic in its core feature: it contains layers of abstraction that obfuscate processes and deliver wondrous solutions. Like magic, very few people (Dumbledores) truly understand the layers of abstraction, and the vast majority of people experience the benefits solely by learning how to use the solutions (Wands).

Computers are a great example of exactly this kind of magic. LLMs are an even better example.

My key takeaways from this comparison are 1) magic feels unexplainably amazing, 2) everyone wants magical solutions, 3) and magical solutions are real.

Looking at tech like this makes it clear how I should focus my energy if I care about creating magic. It means doing hard technological or scientific things and packaging them in simple products. Importantly, using these products should require little domain knowledge of the process behind the product.

By doing this over and over with more and more layers of abstraction, I can create more and more magic in the world.