an NFT experiment

that creates abstract portraits of online creators by sampling their content.

Raison d'Être

As an avid consumer of online content I am fascinated by the dynamics between online creators and their audiences.

In particular, the phenomenon that is often experienced by successful online creators where, as their audience grows, the division between themselves and their content begins to vanish.

This phenomenon often occurs as a result of cyclical investment by the audience and the creator in the relationship.

For instance, a successful creator meets the demand of a growing audience by investing more of themselves into their content.

Then, the audience invests more into the creator by consuming more content, engaging more personally with the creator, and championing the creator to other potential audience members; further growing the audience and spurring the creator on.

The cycle of audience engagement and creator investment fuels a positive feedback loop which culminates in the creator viewing more of their identity in the reception and production of their content, and the audience viewing the creator more as the content itself as opposed to the content creator.

Ultimately, this process conflates the content and the creator in the eyes of the audience and the creator.

This phenomenon is particularly intriguing in that it almost seems inevitable. After all, in the infinitely competitive space of online content, a creator would be considered foolish to refuse to invest in their content after having cultivated an audience.

Essence of the Creator is my attempt to aestheticize this phenomenon. It's my take on the creator and the content as a visual amalgam of one another in a manner that reflects both the investment of the creator, the engagement of the audience, and the inevitable conflation of the two.


How are they made?

I start the process by choosing an online creator whose relationship with their audience and content is intriguing.

Then, I aggregate their visual content across the internet for color processing.

Going through each piece of content, I distill each into a single visually dominant color.

These colors are then condensed into a palette of distinct colors, narrowed down, and iteratively drawn to a canvas; creating an abstract portrait for the creator made through their own content.

How many are there and how often are new ones made?

Each NFT is 1 of 1; completely unique. Every week a new NFT will be available for purchase exclusively on Opensea.

Blockchain Technicals

The Essence of the Creator NFT collection lives on the Ethereum Blockchain. The ERC-1155 token standard underpins all NFTs in the collection.

Programming Technicals

For visual content aggregation, color processing and art generation I use the Python programming language with massive help from the PIL.